The area is ideal for a relaxing holiday by the sea, giving the opportunity for a variety of activities. Religious tourism in the churches and monasteries of the region. Gastronomic tourism in mountain settlements with particular winery. Bird watching in the nearby wetland. Hiking and climbing Mount Olympus, rafting, canoeing and kayaking in Penaeus. Canyoning in Kissavos. Visits to known destinations like the castle Platamonas , Meteora, Dion , Vergina and many others.

Canoeing (Delta of Penaeus) rafting, kayking

Penaeus is the longest river in Thessaly with a total length of over 200 kilometers . It stems from the beautiful Pindos , crosses the plain of Thessaly creating impressive meanders , passing the valley of Tempi and poured in the Aegean Sea , forming a natural boundary of Olympus and Kissavos . Cultivar 've seen so rich in flora and fauna in . It is one of the most important wetlands in Greece , and has riparian forests , rich fauna and extensive dunes in Delta . It belongs to the network NATURA been identified as exceptional natural beauty ..
Penaeus, with generally calm flow of water and the Delta, ideal for canoe kayak even if you are a beginner or have young children. Moreover, the beach Strintzos you can combine the canoe kayak in the sport of archery, to picnic and swim in the water when the temperature permits !

Canyoning or rapel (Kalypso's Gorge)

The area Kissavos and Mavrovouni is characterized by strong contrasts . On a beautiful coastline and on the other the imposing massif , with its beautiful forests and steep ravines and gorges that make the scenery simply breathtaking .
The two canyons that dominate the area and attract the attention of KALYPSOS gorge and  Polidentri's gorge.
Landscapes, really great beauty and fascination, which organized outdoor activities without adversely and alter the authenticity and naturalness of the landscape .
Gorge Calypso. This unique canyon is located just above the seaside village of Red Water. Flush literally green, on the eastern slopes of Kissavos background with blue Aegean. It is a stunning gorge with deep clear lakes. Considered as one of the best in Europe .

Valley of Tempi

The legend wants to open the trident of Poseidon . A suspension bridge connects the banks of the Peneus , thus passing the pilgrimage chapel of Agia Paraskevi and burrow leading to the holy water of the temple . You can visit the Valley of Tempi with Sources of Daphne and Aphrodite , the environmental center Dryas in Old Station, Tempe , the archaeological site counterparts , the Roman Bath of watermills , the famous monasteries of the Mount of cells and the Monastery of St. Demetrios the village bore .


Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece known worldwide mainly for the mythological context, as the peak of ( Mytikas 2,918 - m ) lived Twelve 'Olympian' gods according to the religion of the ancient Greeks. Every year thousands of nature lovers visit the Olympus , to admire the beauty of its nature and enjoy browsing the slopes and conquer peaks . Organized mountain huts with varied hiking and climbing trails are available to visitors who want to explore its beauty. Summer ascents to the mythical mountain of gods usually start from the beginning of June and ends in late September. It is the time when the shelters under the peaks are open and the weather allows a climb without snow equipment and mountaineering experience requires winter


Abelakia is one of the most beautiful, Greek, historical beautiful settlements of the prefecture of Larissa , built on the northwestern slopes of Mount Ossa at the entrance of the valley of Tempi. The village is famous for the great mansions of the well was a huge growth in the past, thanks to the processing and dyeing yarn with red color produced by treating the madder plant ( Rouvas the dye ) . Abelakia administratively belong to the municipality Tempi while in the past have located the.
The mansion of George Black or Schwarz is the most impressive of the many mansions that exist in Abelakia. The building was purchased in 1965 by the government and today is open to the public. George Black was the chairman of the cooperative Ampelakioton . The Germans and Austrians with whom they traded and had given him the name Schwartz in which he was known. Black Abelakia built in a large mansion that is one of the most impressive examples of traditional architecture in Greece. The mansion, which still stands and can be visited is stone, three floors, with the upper floor protrudes slightly. The building features wood paneling and rich decor includes paintings and wooden ceilings.


Rapsani is a beautiful village situated at an altitude of 600 meters at the foot of Mount Olympus, near the valley of Tempi. Rapsani is known for producing wine and raki, and offers beautiful views over the Aegean. Three kilometers from the village, following a dirt road that passes through forest of oaks leads to the chapel of Theodore values, which stands for the murals and the natural landscape that surrounds it. There is running water and space for picnics.

Platamona's Castle

Castle Platamonas is castle - city of the Middle Byzantine period (10th century AD) and is situated south-east of Mt. The tower, which looms over the highway, is the most impressive donjon present in Greek castle.The castle located in a strategic position which controls the passage of the Tempi valley and the road Macedonia - Thessaly - Southern Greece.

Ancient Dion

One of the most famous ancient Macedonian states. Located on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus , where today there is the village . The time of its foundation is unknown at present , while the name attributed to Jupiter . Zeus was the patron god of Dion . Each year festival celebrated in honor of the god , the " Jupiter " , the center of the temple of Zeus , which was built in the city .
The prosperity of the city begins in the 5th century . BC , when King of Macedonia was Archelaus , considering that Dion as a sacred city , connected with the mythology of Olympus , the lecture and made spiritual and cultural center in Macedonia , similar to Delphi and Olympia . Built temples , stage , theater , placed statues . Each year , in celebration of " Dio " , the Greeks competed in sports, in music, in drama . King Philip organized races " Olympia " honoring the gods .
Alexander the Great , before leaving for his great campaign in Asia , celebrated great sacrifices Dion in honor of the gods and muses . After the overthrow of the Macedonian state by the Romans , monuments graced Dion transferred to Rome .

In Christian times Dion became a Bishop . The 14th century . The Turkish invaders destroyed and looted .
Excavations unearthed statues , vases , inscriptions , mostly of the Roman era . The archaeological site can admire the ruins of the ancient city with houses , aous , aqueducts and the ancient theater of Dion where summer parastaseis.Simantika findings are given in the Archaeological Museum of Dion .


Meteora , after Mount Athos , the largest and constant presence since the establishment of the first ascetics today monasteries in Greece. From the historical evidence suggests that the monasteries of Meteora were thirty in total . Of these thirty odd six operating today and receive many pilgrims . But there are many smaller monasteries abandoned . Most of them were founded in the 14th century .
In the 14th century , Saint Athanasios Meteorites , constituting the first organized monastic community regulations and organized according to typical organized monasteries of Mount Athos.
Meteora was named by St. Athanasius of Meteora Monastery of the Great Meteoro . Since then over the sacred rock came and Monks and Nuns , who toil day and night to work , fasting , vigil , not only for their own salvation and for the salvation of all people with long prayers and supplications .
The six visited monasteries of Meteora , is now restored and preserved for the most part in the mural decoration. In 1989 Unesco inscribed Meteora on the list of World Heritage Monuments as a particularly important cultural and natural resource .

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